Pudsey Lottery Results – September 2023

This month's results

The Pudsey Lottery is an exciting initiative to encourage everyone to Shop Local and support all Pudsey businesses. Every month we publish the latest Lottery results to make it easier for you lovely people to find out if you’re a winner! The Pudsey Lottery pays out 5 prizes each month, each paid in Pudsey Pounds that can be spent in many of the local shops, market stalls and businesses.

#PrizeTicket No.Sold By
1st PrizeP£ 32109/23 - 1449Megabites
2nd PrizeP£ 21409/23 - 1301Manhatten's
3rd PrizeP£ 16009/23 - 1055No54 Tearooms
4th PrizeP£ 10709/23 - 2012Olde Booth's Tearooms
5th PrizeP£ 5309/23 - 34DLR Produce

Are you one of this month’s lucky winners?

Fantastic! We have a number of amazing traders throughout the town just waiting to trade your Pudsey Pounds for some excellent goods. Take a look below to find out who participates.